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Sifu Keith King has been invoved with martial arts for over 30 years. In August of 2001 he decided to take his study deeper and moved to Guangzhou to study Sum Nung (Guangzhou / YKS)Wing Chun.


 In Sep 2002 Keith King was the first westerner in China to go through the Bai Si ritual under his master Chun Gwan Ling into the Sum Nung Wing Chun line and is currently a 3rd generation master of the art. 


Keith King is a divoted practitioner of Sum Nung Wing Chun and Qi Gong and Since 2008 has taught and trained the art both in China and abroad as well as apearing inside various martial arts magazines around the world.  Keith King has also appeared on local and international TV progammes to discuss martial arts and TCM. 


Keith King's Sum Nung Wing Chun Academy is the premier place for learning Sum Nung Wing Chun in English in Guangzhou. Classes are run with the expectations of Western progressive learning and Western sports science interpretations while maintaining the traditional Chinese feel, and philisophical background. 


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